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Terms and Conditions

I. Definitions

The “Platform”, “Site”, “Website” and “” are interchangeable designations and represent an electronic system for accessing databases with information on auctions and public sales on the territory of Bulgaria and other EU countries.

“Provider” or “Provider of information service” is the company “MindBoggle” Ltd, company No 201222148 at the Bulgarian Company Register which is the owner of the Platform and provides access to it for a fee.

“Client”, “User” and “Guest” is any person who uses the Platform, by registering on it or downloading the domain in an Internet browser or any other software that allows downloading information from pages of this domain.

“Account” represents the right to access one or more User profiles on the Platform.

“Payment Plan” is one of the plans specified in the public part of the Platform, each of which provides a different level of access to the Platform for a different fee.

II. General conditions

Everyone who uses the Website is obliged to familiarize themselves with the content of these General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

Guests may use the Website with limited features, provided they comply with the rules set forth in these Terms and Conditions, in accordance with the law and the principles of good faith.

The content published on the Platform, regardless of its form, i.e. text, graphic and video materials, is subject to the protection of intellectual property rights, including copyright and intellectual property rights of the Provider or third parties.

It is forbidden to use this content in any way without the written consent of the persons who hold these rights. Any collection and processing of data and other information available on the Website for the purpose of further sharing with third parties within other Websites is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use the name, including characteristic graphic elements of the logo, without the consent of the Provider.

The Provider is not a party to the published notices of auctions and public sales, has no control over any element thereof and is not liable to any party in connection with the notices of auctions and public sales published through the Platform.

III. Profile

The Platform offers a free user profile registration for the User to evaluate its usefulness and functionality. This registration is free and offers access to the full information on the Platform for a period of 7 days after the registration. After the expiry of this period, the User will have no access to the auction listings, shown on the Platform as well as all notifications setup by the User will be suspended.

In order to get access to the full set of functionalities of the Platform, including resuming the setup notifications and access to current and past auction listings for a period longer than 7 days, the User must make a payment according to the Payment Plan chosen by him.

An user can be an individual or a legal entity. Any one person may purchase more than one Payment Plan, in which case their Account is associated with each of those purchased User Profiles.

One user profile can only be used on one mobile and one desktop device. In the case of an Account managed by a legal entity, only one natural person has the right to use each of the user profiles from this Account under the conditions of the previous sentence. The platform reserves the right to temporarily restrict access to certain profiles in case of suspicious activity leading to a reasonable assumption that the profile is used by more than one individual.

User profile registration is done through:

The Provider processes personal data of Users in accordance with the Privacy Policy

After filling in the data required for registration, the Platform sends to the email provided by the user a link to activate the account.

Registration is considered complete when the User activates his account. At this point, it is considered that the User has fully accepted the TOS for using the Platform. If the activation does not take place within 1 day of receiving the email confirming the account registration, the activation link expires and the account is not activated.

IV. Full access payment

If the user wishes to benefit from the full functionality of the Platform, he can choose one of the paid Payment Plans. This can be done after he has already registered a free account or even before he has one.

The paid access plans are:

Each of the available Plans contains a different level of access to the Platform services, the differences being detailed on the Website.

Each payment for one of the plans grants access to the Platform to one user. In case the user is a merchant or other person desiring access for more than one account, this will happen after paying for the corresponding number of users.

The provider has the right to give discounts on the plans if one person wishes to purchase access for more than 15 users. This is done with an individual signed contract between the parties.

V. Liability

The Provider is not an organizer, participant, intermediary or any party to the auction sales procedures and auctions described in the announcements on the Platform, does not play the role of an intermediary between the organizer and the bidder and does not perform the functions of an agency or real estate broker. The Provider bears no responsibility for damages suffered by the User in connection with using the Platform, related to or resulting from participation, missed participation deadline, incomplete and/or incorrect information about the auctions or public sales or their objects.

Users of the Platform should arrange their own independent legal/solicitor consultation in case they wish to participate in any of the auctions/public sales provided on the Platform.

The collection, processing and management of the auction data and public sales on the Platform are performed automatically by the Provider and are provided solely for informational and indicative purposes to the Users.

The user should in no case rely solely on the information provided by the Platform.

If the Users are interested in participating in any of the procedures or public sale/auctions visible on the Platform, the former are obliged to contact the organizer of the procedure directly and obtain information about the participation and the property itself directly from the organizer or engage a lawyer to do this on their behalf.

VI. Final provisions

The supplier reserves the right to amend the General Terms and Conditions subject to the following rules:

VII. Applicable law

These General Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Bulgaria. Any court disputes should be brought before the relevant Bulgarian court.

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